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Finxone is making waves in the Fintech community, and forging strong partnerships and traction. 

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Silicon Review

Finxone is changing the way Fintech is built

Finance Magazine

A true innovator that shrinks the time to market massively for embedded finance

The CEO Publication

True innovation coming from the UK to Fintechs around the world

Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Nominated for the Alica Bank Equity backed Fintech Startup of the year

Industry Feedback

Finxone is getting noticed in the Fintech industry

Finxone, has been gaining recognition for its innovative and breakthrough technology. In today’s ever-evolving market, it’s crucial for companies to adapt to the changes quickly, and Finxone has been successful in doing so by staying ahead of the curve.

Recently, Finxone’s technological advancements have been acknowledged by two leading global publications. This recognition not only showcases the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the market, but also highlights its ability to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Finxone’s dynamism in the market is also worth mentioning. By keeping a pulse on industry trends and anticipating the needs of its clients, the company has positioned itself as a leader in its field. Its innovative solutions have set it apart from its competitors, and it continues to strive for excellence by constantly improving its offerings.


Tech built outside IT

By 2028 Gartner says the majority of tech will be built outside formal IT departments.


Want Embedded Finance

92% of business leaders are planning on launching embedded finance within the next five years – 73% within two.


Building a Fintech Operating System

Building Fintech automatically can never be done in isolation. It takes integrated partnerships, connected APIs and industry co-operation to deliver the dream of instant low-code Fintech. 

We are proud to have forged incredible friendships in the industry who believe as we do in compliant, easy to deploy Fintech solutions. Some of the leading global Fintech brands, are now tier one partners and look to add more for our customers every month.


Widget Integrations

Our App-Intelligence engine translates your intent to compliance, rules, code, and integrations. Its not magic, its science. We are pre-integrated to exciting Fintech providers and are adding more every month. 

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