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The Finxone platform provides a comprehensive suite of Fintech capabilities including banking, card issuing, lending, payments, flexible onboarding, workflow tools, and more, catering to the diverse needs of businesses.

Our platform consists of a private data environment for every customer sandbox, and live instance. This is run in Microsoft Azure in the tenant closest to the regulatory area.

Integrated Finance and Finxone aim to revolutionize the fintech landscape by providing a unified and streamlined platform for financial innovation.

Our partnership is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to protecting your business.

Here's the magic: integrated Finance’s modules can be consumed via Finxone.

Build apps in your sandbox, and issue to a limited number of users to check out your ideas. No more clickables, real code, that really works.

Imagine a scenario where building a fintech application involves simply dragging and dropping pre-designed widgets that are directly linked to Integrated Finance's APIs.

Where Creativity Meets Efficiency Finxone's Global Styling feature emerges as a beacon of hope for fintech application designers seeking a harmonious design experience.

By leveraging the capabilities of Finxone, businesses can effectively address potential risks and focus on delivering innovative fintech solutions while minimising potential pitfalls and challenges along the way.

From the first product design meetings, the Finxone platform has been built with compliance in mind.

According to Gartner, it is projected that 75% of technology solutions will be built with no code by 2028, highlighting the growing importance of nocode development in the fintech industry.

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