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Fintech Solutions without code

Finxone lets anyone build or embed beautiful fintech app experiences for mobile and web. Our app-intelligence engine builds applications for you so you don’t need big teams and costs to get you live.

AI powered Fintech

What is Finxone ?

App Designer

No need for Figma, or any other design tools. Just edit, drag and drop – and the autobuilder codes exactly what you see. Straight to sandboxes and live rails.

AI powered Front-End Platform

 User accounts, permissions, roles, workflows, and decisioning are the core of Fintech. We give you a platform to do that, what you do with it…. is your IP

Mobile and Web Apps Automated

Our autobuilder builds web portals, mobile native, and Tablet native apps with hardware and wallet support. You don’t need dev teams anymore….

What We Do

The Power of Finxone

“…we’ve brought app intelligent AI to Fintech to level the playing field for everyone. What will you build ?”

Generative Code​

Our App-Intelligence engine builds your application to multiple devices fully automatically.


Build fast, start with a template, customise it, and launch. Use ours, or build your own and edit from there.


Our visual widgets consume some of the best aggregator and fintech around. Don’t build a big app around APIs, get App-Intelligence.


We pre-connect all components for you to leading Fintech partners so you drag and drop straight into real rails, and use your own data.

Widget Driven​

Our widgets are our superpower. Just drag the ones you want, to the roles and the feature pages you want them. Thats it, we autocode the rest.

Total Platform​

You get an entire platform, not just an app. All of the features you need pre-assembled for you, so you can focus on your big idea. With a front end that just works for you.

Our Impact

Fintech Open To Everyone


Spend your resources on the innovation that matters. Get to market before someone else executes your idea.

Existing Brands

There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.

Fintech Players

Spend your resources on the innovation that matters. Get to market before someone else executes your idea.

Future Proofers

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies. Get there now.

Why Finxone

Amazing Future Proof Customer Experiences

“…generative app coding now empowers anyone to build what only a big team could before”


Powerful Field Based Onboarding

Onboard anyone through any channel. Ask questions,  do compliance checks, a license plate, a company director, passports and everything in between. Designed by you, checked by industry partners


Self Service Automated Development

Self service through exposing APIs and data in your systems, or managing them all on us. We’ve built widgets for the things you care about. Pick a widget, and its generatively coded for you.


Always up to Date

We maintain the codebase, widgets, integrations, and code security so you are always covered and always up to date. We add new widgets, integrations, workflows constantly giving you community innovation



Connect to powerful partners like Integrated Finance and their industry leading account ledgers, virtual, and multi-currency accounts with just a drag and drop


Cards and Issuance

Interfaces for the common functions around balance, statements, freezing/suspending, as well as virtual card and accounts.


Payments and Banking Services

Balances, payments, debit orders, accounts, and management. With user-related widgets that allow you to give different roles different experiences, in any man currency.


Lending and Decisions​

The advanced workflow editor, and the data widgets work together to provide very complex workflow scenarios, to enable complex decisions.



All app-intelligence zones and roles can have workflow embedded, giving you precise control of integrated multi-data and user input decisions.

Fintech + API

Made for you by App Intelligence

App-Intelligence means we translate your intent to compliance, rules, code, and process. Its not magic, its science, but its a fine line…”


Builds itself

The app-intelligence engine builds all your apps, portals, and platforms. Then enables you to simply launch. 


Try and Share

Build apps in your sandbox, and issue to a limited number of users to check out your ideas. No more clickables, real code, that really works.


Edit at Will

Build what you need, when you need, how you need it. Visual tools, make for powerful experiences. No need to pay anyone to update your app.


Update Anytime​

Build apps faster than you ever thought possible. Change whenever you like, iOS, Android, Web and amazing integrations.


Not Just Apps

We couldn’t just give you an editor, thats not powerful enough. We give you an entire platform and data that powers its. Use what you like.


Secured by Us​

We secure and update the platform code base, and backend APIs, and monitor the availability and platform integrity as a service for you.

Industry Focused

Powered By Industry Solutions and APIs

“…connecting apps and platforms to licensed execution is the magic that allows you to shine”



Licensed functions, are always routed to regulated providers. You can use our managed service, or apply on your own and manage your connections yourself.


Partner Centric

Fintech is a team sport. Where innovation is done by specialist providers. We connect to the best and most advanced partners, and give you choice in their use.

Tier 1 Partners

Works Best with Integrated Finance

App-Intelligence automated coding, coupled with the world class power of Integrated Finance’s ledger, currency, and backoffice product offer you the best and fastest fintech front and backoffice applications available.”



Pre-integrated components, that just work, give you mobile applications straight onto Integrated Finance rails and Banking partners


Try and Share

Go from sandbox designs to live candidates in days/weeks not months.


Edit at Will

Change what you need in your app. When you need, how you need it. No devs, no quotes.


Integrated Backoffice

Limits, rates, alerts, pricing, and everything you’d expect from the best Fintech backoffice in the business.


Joint Innovation

Our partnership gives us unique insight into world changing innovation, and lets us automate it before you can even blink.


Secured by Us​

We secure and update the platform code base, and backend APIs, and monitor the availability and platform integrity as a service for you.

Building The Future

Latest From Us

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