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Finxone lets anyone build or embed beautiful fintech app experiences for mobile and web. Our app-intelligence engine builds applications for you so you don’t need big teams and costs to get you live.

**Typical time to working MVP in regulated partner sandbox is 14 days


Widget Integrations

Our App-Intelligence engine translates your intent to compliance, rules, code, and integrations. Its not magic, its science. We are pre-integrated to exciting Fintech providers and are adding more every month. 

We build robots that code for you

Front End as a Service

Finxone (Finn-X-1) builds intelligent fintech robots, that build apps for you. We provide regulated fintech apps for anyone who wants to add embedded finance to their offerings.

Fintech Apps

Built by smart robots

Straight to Mobile

Drag, Drop Publish

Secure and Compliant

Always up to date, knows the rules

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Unlocking Innovation

Lets get your tech built

We exist to enable all businesses to deploy Fintech safely, reliably, and always comply with rules and regulations. The best way to do that, is to build with next generation state of the art intelligence.

Gone are the days of expensive quotes, change control, and big long projects. Automated, build it yourself Fintech is here.

Platform and Apps

Up to Date

Regulated Partners

Our Passion

Outsourcing is outdated.
DIY fintech is here.

Outsource your apps and you lose connection to your customer, find it hard to keep up with rules, and have to pay to make changes.

Our technology now lets you design, build, comply, deploy and update all in one place and at your pace.

No more experts telling you how complex and expensive everything is. 


Tech built outside IT

By 2028 Gartner says the majority of tech will be built outside formal IT departments.


Want Embedded Finance

if could be easy enough to use. 96% of European brands would deploy embedded finance. We're working to make that happen

Our Platform

We make Friendly Fintech Robots

We’re not a services company. We’re not an outsourcer. We don’t want you or your team to depend on us to move a button, or make a new user journey. We make Fintech that …. builds Fintech. Our App Intelligence engine codes fully compliant regulated fintech apps and plaforms and deploys it to IOS Android, and Web Portal browser apps on the fly for you. We give you a bit of help to get started, and then its over to you.

Powerful Integrations

Payments, communications, licensed providers, companies house, card processors, all done for you. We don't charge to integrate to new providers if you have an innovation subscription

Physical and Virtual Cards

We provide through our Integrated Finance and Modulr partnerships integrations straight to card issuing platforms, and let you control them from your Finxone apps directly.

Payments and Banking

Connect to powerful partners like Integrated Finance and their industry leading account ledgers, virtual, and multi-currency accounts with just a drag and drop

Amazing Onboarding

Onboard anyone through any channel. Ask questions,  do compliance checks, a license plate, a company director, passports and everything in between. Designed by you, checked by industry partners

Powerful Workflow

In Fintech, workflow is particularly important as it involves handling sensitive financial information and ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.

Secure and Up-to-Date

We maintain the codebase, widgets, integrations, and code security so you are always covered and always up to date. We add new widgets, integrations, workflows constantly giving you community innovation

Customer Voice

Feedback From Clients

We’re fanatical about building the right AI robots that build fintech. Heres’s a couple of customer insights on how we’re doing so far



We turned to Finxone to build our first in class Private Travel app. We love that we can change it like our Website.


Finxone has given us a platform solution for front-ends that are second to none. This is a great partnership

Stealth Mode
Stealth Mode


Our experience has been excellent. They give us the tools to help ourselves rather than charge us like others.

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