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Display Widgets

Finxone’s allows you to personalise your application by adding page elements such as text, headers, images, line dividers and even image carousel.

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Our Architecture

Finxone uses a unique architecture that is multi-market, use case, and regionally aware. This article talks about how we’ve built Finxone and the main components in the platform.

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The App Grid

Finxone has made it very straight forward for you to give different groups of Users access to a variation in their user story by means of our App Grid. The App Grid is an intersection of a particular business function or business process which we refer to as Zones.

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About Widgets

Widgets are “mini-apps” that you drag and drop onto your page canvas that do a particular thing. Examples include card balance widgets, make a payment widgets, account balance chart widgets, spending, statements etc.

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Flexible Onboarding

Finxone’s Unique App Grid allows you to structure how you onboard your users giving you the flexibility add your users from the back office or offer self origination.

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Card Issuing

Once you have built your application issuing a card to a user or even allowing them to request one themselves is just a few clicks away

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