An App that Builds Itself

With our app-intelligence engine, you can build all your apps, portals, and platforms without any coding or technical expertise. Simply drag and drop the desired widgets and features into the Finxone App Designer, and our engine will automatically generate the frontend and backend for you. Using the Finxone solution is easy and requires no teams or developers, saving you time and money. 

Finxone simplifies the app development process by automatically handling dependencies and pre-integrating required services as users drag and drop widgets and design their applications. Real-time changes can be observed in both live and sandbox environments, providing a seamless experience. The platform generates navigation automatically as users add zones and pages to their app. When ready to publish, Finxone takes charge of tasks like building pages, configuring security, preparing APIs, and creating the necessary Android and iOS UI. By handling these technical aspects, Finxone empowers users to focus on app design, enabling even those with minimal coding skills to create and publish professional-quality applications effortlessly.

Finxone takes care of all the heavy lifting, offering a nocode development environment, facilitating rapid MVP development, enabling extensive customisation and branding, simplifying integration with third-party services (including all features that make the app compliant on live banking rails), ensuring scalability and flexibility, and providing robust analytics and insights for continuous improvement.

6 Current App Trends And How We Address Them

No-Code/Low-Code Development

The trend towards no-code/low-code development is enabling businesses to build applications without extensive coding knowledge.

Finxone fully embraces this trend by providing a visual app designer that allows users to create applications using drag-and-drop widgets, eliminating the need for complex coding.

Rapid MVP Development

The demand for quickly launching minimum viable products (MVPs) to test ideas in the market is on the rise.

Finxone enables rapid MVP development by offering pre-built components, ready-to-use templates, and streamlined workflows, allowing businesses to get their app up and running in hours or days instead of months.

Customisation and Branding

Users today expect apps that reflect the brand’s identity and offer a personalised experience.

Finxone empowers businesses to customise and brand their applications extensively, from the user interface to onboarding screens, ensuring a unique and tailored experience for their users.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Services

Apps often need to integrate with various third-party services and APIs to provide advanced functionalities.

Finxone simplifies the integration process by offering pre-configured connections with popular services and allowing users to seamlessly integrate their preferred third-party providers, such as payment gateways, KYC services, or transaction monitoring tools.

Scalability and Flexibility

As businesses grow, their apps need to scale and adapt to increasing user demands.

Finxone addresses scalability by providing a cloud-based infrastructure that automatically scales resources based on application needs. Additionally, the platform allows users to easily modify and expand their apps as required, ensuring flexibility for future enhancements.

Real-Time Analytics and Insights

The ability to gather and analyse user data is crucial for app success.

Finxone incorporates data analytics and reporting features, providing businesses with real-time insights into app performance, user behaviour, and engagement metrics. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimise their app based on user feedback and analytics.

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