Industry Partners

If you are a player in payments, fintechs, banking or APIs Finxone has a partnership for you. We specialise in lowering the friction of your customers in using technology. We make it cheaper, easier, and safer for a new generation of market entrants to consume your products and financial services, and we will never compete with you and provide any services directly.

Banks and E-money Providers

Front Ends without Code for Your Users

Research tells us cost of developers, compliance and set up keep customers out of Fintech. We reduce all those for you

Your compliance rules are automatically enforced at transaction and onboarding

Flexible Brand Onboarding Strategies

We can do KYB/KYC of applicants, let you do it, or share it. We are always 100% focused on reducing risk

Our widgets enforce your rules completely, we monitor every transaction, and automate every step

Increase Consumption of Services and APIs

We’ve pre-integrated KYB, KYC, AML, transaction monitoring and regulatory requirements 

We make it easy for our customers to frictionlessly consume your APIs, we pay you directly for usage

Payments Companies

Customisable Payments Workflows

We empower our customers to make incredibly powerful  visual workflows before the API pay instruction is processed

For example, group vote to pay, payment approvals, shared/family scenarios, community oversight etc.

Role Based Merchant Apps - Self Service

Create self service apps for merchants that are based on roles, with different experiences and rights per role

We integrate our widgets to you so that apps can just consume your services natively

Power Multi-market Onboarding

Our engine can help you scale outside core market and add onboarding, compliance and localisation to grow with you

Change display, currency rules, onboarding requirements and markets on the fly just by adding a new country role

API Innovation and Aggregators

Broaden Your Reach and Scale

Our No code platform can help your customers use your services without a huge app development bill. We can help your customer get live quickly

We make it easy for your customer to use your APIs correctly. Our integrations ensure all of your sequencing, and rules are followed

Revenue Collection and Risk Management

We pay you for our customer usage of your APIs. Your collection risk is much less

We pass on your waterfall discounts for usage to our customers

Our pricing is always based on a small uplift on yours

Referral and Partner Revenue

Customers you introduce to us are subject to a margin and referral fee for you through our partner program. We pay this as long as you add at least one customer a year

Our team is always willing to build additional integration widgets to your engine to help you maximise no code revenue opportunity