Trust & Custodial

Trust & Custodial

Unifying the customer experience and providing advanced financial technology solutions for high net worth, family office, and trusts


Provision, and manage accounts yourself

Provide cards, account with IBAN, and full access linked to your brand

Our account behaviour is customisable and allows the modern trust operator unprecedented flexibility

Workflow and spend control

We work with the trust to ensure the right flow to disburse, distribute, supervise, and approve beneficiary spending,

Simplify the creation of accounts on the fly for deals, escrow, and estate scenarios.

Link your processes to Fintech

Able to integrate quickly into a modern trust, family office, and custodial practice

Reduce the need for back office and complicated spreadsheets to manage accounts with spending controls

Project Scope

1-2 Months



Project Scope

6-9 Months