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Trusts & Custodial

Unifying the customer experience and providing advanced financial technology solutions for high net worth, family office, and trusts.

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Business Solutions

There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.

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Our Beta Program

Beta program customers get very high customer care almost as a normal enterprise services project. We assign project teams, success managers, product managers and dedicated developers to every Beta customer. We still subsidise the cost though, as the objective is to build you the widgets you need to go live. 

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Teams and Cost

We’ve worked hard to master Fintech detail so you can focus on the idea. This article shares some basics about the cost, team size, and project mechanics of a Finxone deployment.

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Finxone for Businesses

In a market where 96% of European businesses express the desire for fintech solutions, Finxone emerges as the game-changer. Our innovative platform is meticulously designed

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