A Detailed Introduction to Finxone

We recently undertook to introduce ourselves to numerous professional bodies, fund raising entities and potential partners. We have taken hours to write some compelling answers to tough questions, be they aimed at introducing ourselves or telling the story about how we believe Finxone will change the Regulated Fintech App building marketplace in the future. Here are some answers to questions that we are most proud of:

1. What circumstances or events led to the creation of Finxone? Please brief us about the history so far.

We started Finxone because we wanted everyone to build financial technology and apps quickly and easily. That’s not easy to do right now. It takes about 9 months and costs around $500k-$1m to build an average financial services platform, and this locks out most innovators from being able to build something new. It also keeps small and medium-sized companies without big teams away from doing new things. We started Finxone to level the playing field and let just about anyone innovate and launch amazing apps.

Our core founders are from Latin America and Africa, where access to Technology is sometimes a challenge. This has given us strong appreciation for the challenges of succeeding in technology. We’ve grown through the ranks in big tech, having worked in companies like Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, and Unisys our team has learned how to build world class enterprise software. We’re passionate about making that level of technology available to everyone at a pay as you go affordable price.

2. How’s Finxone transforming the financial industry? What are its key focus areas?

Our focus is to allow a new generation of innovators and businesses into the world of Fintech. By making the tools super easy to use, by using templates that follow all regulations, and by an innovative generative coding system that just builds everything automatically. Right now, most players in the industry offer a huge and expanding list of API, and coding end points. This means that a customer has to figure out how to build it, and code it themselves, and hope they follow the rules correctly. Imagine if your car manufacturer just sent you a kit of 10,000 parts and told you to build your car yourself. That’s financial services today! With Finxone, we allow our customers to drag and drop, and automatically assemble, and build apps for our customers in seconds and deliver to them a finished, regulated product that complies with all of the rules, and is ready to go live. We take it one step further by even having a path, that through us our customers can apply to go live from their sandbox and get started in as little as a couple of weeks.

3. What can you tell us about Finxone's intuitive drag and drop interface? How does it benefit users?

Our technology automatically builds applications for our customers. You pick a template, customise it, and then our smart system builds the infrastructure, the apps (IOS, Android, and Web), and hooks them up to real delivery providers. All automatically. We have easy drag drop components, and an autobuild function that makes even the entire app automatically. This frees our customers to focus on their ideas, and the platform just builds it for them intelligently. We use only licensed, regulated partners like Banks, Payments companies, KYC, and Anti-Fraud companies, Card companies etc. Our tech also ensures all customers follow all the rules in financial services automatically, making everyone safer. So, our customers can just drag, drop, and deploy their great idea, and we bring them to market.

4. Can you introduce us to your services? What are their key features?

We give our customers a sandbox to play with and innovate on. In that sandbox a customer has a library of template apps they use as a basis of their system. Once they pick a template they can customize and style each screen, feature, onboarding, and workflow. Once they are happy they can apply to go live, and within a couple of short weeks they can launch onto our partner’s regulated real fintech rails and have a real product working in the market with apps, portal apps, back office, and their innovation. Our professional services team can also build the application for our customers and help them if they need customer, or special component widgets that we haven’t thought of yet. We’re not a dev shop though. We only build new parts, and templates, and let our customers launch themselves without needing anyone.

5. Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your clients faced and how Finxone helped them overcome those challenges?

We have one customer who wants to compete with an established player in their industry that they thought was ripe for disruption. The incumbent had been around for 10 years and was charging a lot for doing something relatively simple. The cost of building something similar, and the complexity of integrating all the components was keeping entrants out of the market. Our customer approached us to build a platform that could not only do everything their incumbent competitor was doing (and spent millions on), but about twice as much as that, and things the end customer really wanted and had been asking for a long time. With us, a new solution offering will arrive in the market that gives the industry a choice, and brings innovation to their market space. This solution will have cost 80% less than the competitive solution and deliver twice as much functionality. This collaborative approach fosters innovation, makes competition viable, and increases customer choice.

6. Tell us about the Finxone team. What value do they bring to the company?

We truly have a global team. We are a proudly British company, consisting of members in four continents, and a variety of faiths, beliefs, and orientations. This diversity gives us a wealth of perspectives we use every day in our ideation, creativity, and execution.

Our founders come from differing backgrounds and are passionate believers in financial inclusion, and diversity. This isn’t a fad or a marketing slogan, for us it’s a way of life. We founded our business to level the playing field in technology, and every single one of us in the team believes that making incredible generative coding software for financial services will empower millions of people around the world to enjoy financial inclusion that’s never been possible before.

Our execution team is second to none. We’ve put together an industry leading team of passionate and committed business people, operations, financial services, and technologists who are fervently united about building software that makes the world a better place. We even have a real rocket scientist on the team.

7. Tell us, what’s next for Finxone.

We’re going to expand our partnerships out of Europe into the US, and into Africa throughout 2023, and launch additional fintech scenarios and partnerships this year. 2024 will be about launching the self service platform in Europe, Africa, and the US which will allow customers to build their technology entirely on their own.
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