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Platform Basics

Our platform consists of a private data environment for every customer sandbox, and live instance. This is run in Microsoft Azure in the tenant closest to the regulatory area.

By leveraging the capabilities of Finxone, businesses can effectively address potential risks and focus on delivering innovative fintech solutions while minimising potential pitfalls and challenges along the way.

From the first product design meetings, the Finxone platform has been built with compliance in mind.

According to Gartner, it is projected that 75% of technology solutions will be built with no code by 2028, highlighting the growing importance of nocode development in the fintech industry.

Cost to Market

The cost-saving potential of Finxone in developing a fintech application is truly astounding.

Who Finxone is for

Gone are the days of high costs, complexity, and regulatory hurdles, as Finxone simplifies the process, allowing organisations of all sizes to create branded programs tailored to their specific needs.

Finxone's ability to save months of time in developing a fintech application is truly remarkable.


Finxone's backoffice functionality provides a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for managing customers, configuring specialised zones, and customising various aspects of your application, empowering you to efficiently oversee your business operations and deliver an exceptional user experience.


Due to the integration of KYB capabilities into the Finxone platform, the KYB process is streamlined by providing comprehensive databases, automating data collection and verification, and leveraging advanced technologies, enhancing the accuracy, efficiency, and compliance of businesses' KYB checks.


With Finxone's integrated KYC solution, the process of verifying and authenticating customer identities becomes significantly easier and more efficient.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards offer a modern and user-friendly payment experience, enhanced security and enhanced flexibility and customisation options.

Loyalty & Rewards

Creating and managing a customer loyalty & rewards program has never been easier.


Setting up a subscription program on Finxone is simple and intuitive.

Currency Exchange

Whether it's for international payments, travel, e-commerce, or any other financial activity involving different currencies, Finxone offers a robust and user-friendly solution that simplifies the currency exchange process.


Deal Rooms with Escrow accounts offer a secure and transparent platform for various transactions.


The flexibility of Finxone's payment system ensures that businesses can build applications that meet their unique requirements.

There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.

Trusts & Custodial

Unifying the customer experience and providing advanced financial technology solutions for high net worth, family office, and trusts.

Business Solutions

There is no advantage in spending money on big teams. Build your brand vision faster, yourself, without waiting for availability or priority.


At Finxone, we understand the critical importance of data security and compliance in the financial industry.

An All in One Solution

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