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Banking, wallets, credit scoring, subscription management, complex payment, and many roles and subscriber types

Stages of Developing a Fintech Application

The Traditional Way

The Finxone Way


The Industry experts with the Idea begin to map out how they can address a gap in the market


Engaging an application designer with a strong understanding of UI and UX and with the skills to make an application that looks as great as you want it to can be very expensive


A Front end team doesn't just take over from a design team, they will need to work along side each other meaning having to pay for two teams at the same time


Just a pretty, static front end isn't enough, you need a back end that will handle all the operations and logic that facilitate data processing, storage, and communication, supporting the overall functionality. This means another team of engineers

API Integration

Now you've built your application you need to make sure it will speak to others. And they dont all work the same!! It can be very time consuming to get it right

Cloud host

Now that an application works and has been tested on local servers, it needs to be hosted somewhere that the rest of the world can access it

Regulated Partner

And Finally if your application is backed on to a Regulated financial body you will need to ensure that you have deployed all the prerequisite compliance and security requirements before they allow you to be live


The Industry experts with the Idea begin to map out how they can address a gap in the market

Drag N Drop Design

No specialist teams of people required, you could even get as far as an MVP without even a CTO! With a Sandbox account you can build an application, test it and even invite beta testers to use it without spending more than a couple of hundred pounds


Finxone pre-configures all the API linkages and compliance aspects of the application which means that it is much faster to get it past due diligence and go live. You will however, still need to pass the banking KYB and AML compliance

Power Your Vision with Finxone

Create beautiful applications and publish changes straight to the app stores


Pay a fraction of the Price

Building Applications the Old Way

  • Can cost between ¬£500k -¬£1M
  • Lengthy development cycles with uncertain outcome
  • High pre-revenue cost
  • High fiscal risk
  • May not be FCA, IT Security or GDPR compliant¬†

The Finxone Way

  • Typical cost could be as little as 80k to 100k to live
  • Working MVP in days or weeks, not months
  • Lower risk
  • Everything FCA, IT Security and GDPR pre-compliant

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